Czech republic


I recently travelled for 3 and a half weeks within Europe. The purpose of my trip was mostly to visit friends in Holland, Belgium and France then to see anything new, but hey when in Rome!

Next thing I knew I travelled to Prague the capital of the Czech Republic from Paris with Transavia a low cost Dutch carrier owned by Air France-KLM. Although Transavia is low cost they haven’t followed suit with Ryanair allowing one checked back plus one personal bag. In short you can only strictly have one carry on item with you and purses count. 

Let’s just say I was furiously trying to stuff  the contents of my purse into my backpack. Yes I knew the rules in advance, but I guess my brain just couldn’t compute that I wouldn’t be allowed to have my purse with me. 

My nerves started to kick in on the flight, arriving to a country where I didn’t speak the language in the middle of the night wasn’t ideal, but in this case that’s just the way it crumbled.

I exchanged my Euros at the counter at the airport which cost me 10€, so my suggestion would be to simply just take it out of the ATM.  Czech Republic is in Czech Krona 1€ = 27Kč and 1CAD = 18Kč.

Although using the ticket machine to get on the bus proved confusing since It was all in Czech I managed to figure it out and then make my way to the subway and followed the stops. Finding my hostel wasn’t too bad, although I took a longer than necessary route google maps led me to the door correctly. Sometimes I wonder how I ever use to travel without google maps! It’s the best thing that ever happened to me travel wise, I feel more confident and secure that I don’t have to worry about getting lost and asking strangers for directions. 

I stayed at the old Prague hostel which is in old town, aka tourist mecca. The hostel was modern (except for horrible wifi)  with a mix of residents and backpackers just above a bar. 

Here are my tips for the top 10 in Prague ( In no order ) :

  1. Do the free walking tour of the old town and check out the Astrological clock. 
  2. Eat crepes, have some Czech dumplings and a Pivo in the old  town square.
  3. Do the pub crawl, there are usually 100 people or more and they take you to the biggest club in all of central europe Karlovy Lazne. The pub crawl costs 400Kč and you get free drinks along the way, I think it’s well worth it considering it costs 200Kč to get into Karlovy Lazne alone.
  4. Visit the Charles bridge and cross over to less town and see the John Lennon wall.
  5. Check out Prague Castle, I recommend the tour so you can learn more about the history. It’s very entertaining and interesting. If you go at night make sure to bundle up as it does get cold.
  6. Visit the dancing houses also known as Fred and Ginger and admire the architecture. Don’t forget to visit the top of the building. If you get a coffee or tea at the cafe you can enjoy the wonderful view for free. 
  7. Go to a Toast Masters event! I friend of mine who is living in Prague invited me to go and it was a great way to connect with locals and other expats.
  8. Wander around the Jewish town, the former Jewish Ghetto and learn about the history. It’s in the old town and belongs to Praha 1.
  9.  Go up the Petrin or the TV tower for great views of the city. ( You can also enjoy nice views for free from Prague Castle)
  10.  Visit the Kafka museum and learn about this very influential and ‘out there’ Czech author.