Uphill, downhill and all the famous San Francisco views.

If your like me you’ve been obsessed with San Francisco since Full House or maybe it’s history as being the stage for many large movements in America. I spent years hearing so much about San Francisco, “Go there” they all said. And go I finally did. I first arrived the evening of my friend’s birthday who so generously donated his couch to my cause.  Needless to say I definitely would not recommended arriving after a long flight the evening of anybody’s birthday. I was welcomed by alcohol infused hippie party goers, it almost felt like being back in time or another planet. Was I in the movie Milk? This is San Francisco apparently, 70/60s style, hippie massage circles, group sing alongs and free love. I was soaking it all in before I felt myself drifting away in a peaceful sleep mid party. I woke up the next morning on the couch confused by my surroundings seemingly in the same position I had fallen asleep in. The cool San Francisco breeze greeted me by the open back door, I felt it, it was time to explore.

My top 10 San Francisco (In no order) :

  1. Golden gate bridge / Crissy fields
  2. Tile Steps – A lot of fun exploring this neighbourhood and seeing the suburbs of San Francisco. And you are rewarded with amazing views.
  3. Haight and Ashbury
  4. Mission district
  5. Eating, anywhere and everywhere.
  6. Sourdough bread at Bourdini
  7. Lombard street / Cable car ride
  8. Twin Peaks
  9. Alcatraz
  10. Visit Yellowstone or and Sausalito day trip

If you’re feeling a bit more touristy, here are some honorable mentions: Fisherman’s wharf, The painted ladies, Union Square and Chinatown.